Portfolio review to be admitted to and graduate from ID prog

Just wondering how many of you go to a school that required you to submit a portfolio for admission?

How many go to a school that require some kind of porfolio review before you are allowed to graduate?

Not really a portfolio to get into the ID program, but a portfolio to get into the school in general.

I don’t think we need a portfolio to graduate, but of course everyone will be busy making one by the end of their time here. I do think there is a final review before graduation.

At Emily Carr in Vancouver, BC, they require a portfolio to get into foundation, a portfolio to get into ID and a portfolio to graduate. ID here is pretty heavy on presentation at all stages.

School of Visual Arts-Portfolio to get in and portfolio to get out. But no ID yet Design in Grad program.

Parsons-Both yes. in ID. Final folio check is needed.

Pratt-Yes to get in yes to get out in undergrad ID
Yes to get in and Not really to get out in Grad, yet Need 2 semesters of Thesis and final Writing are Must in order to get out.

Cincinnati- no portfolio review to get into design, not sure if there’s one to graduate yet

After 2 years of lower division classes, Arizona State University requires students to submit a portfolio to get into upper division. I knew many people who didn’t get in and had to wait a whole year to reapply. It sounds harsh at first, but the people who stuck with it improved their skills and made it through. Schools really need to do a better job at preparing students for the real world design profession. I’ve seen some pretty bad work lately.

at Calif Col. of the Arts (formerly CCAC) I.D. program…but what i had was water color paintings and a fab hat line I designed in my previous job. no pre-design class work as recomended/required at a place like Art Center…

No overall review on the way out. Simply pass each studio, and pass your final project. Nothing comprehensive.

Seems to me that we as a class would have benefited not from a ‘get of school’ review at the end, but a mid-career talent reality check. I think that would have saved some people money and time.

A few hoops at Syracuse but probably worth it.
Entrance to the university was standard; SAT, etc. In addition to meeting the university’s obligations, getting into the art school required an in-person portfolio review and interview. I think one could actually get into the art school and not the university depending on timing but you needed to get into both to enroll as an art student.
After the first year of foundation study, a general “letter of intent” addressed to the ID department head was required along with yet another interview or “screening”. If nothing else, it filtered out the dummys. About 20 students were taken and I think 16 or so graduated as ID’ers. Graduation required a thesis paper based on a years worth of research and then a deliverable design based on that research. If you didn’t have your act together, things could get ugly and stressful. I was lucky.

I think you could pretty much just walk in and sign up for any other focuses in the art school outside of design. Seems like if you didn’t show promise, they weren’t having you. Kinda harsh actually but I guess they wanted to make sure your head was in it for the full 5 years, I think it has softened up a bit since some of the staff has moved on. It also seemed like a good portion of us graduated with respectable overall university standings. Always a good thing I suppose.