Portfolio Review Thanks

Thanks to everyone who checked out my website and my portofolio. Thanks!

Hi Jeff,

It is pretty nice, neat and clean.
others here are probably more qualified to talk about the work but I have two suggestions that came to mind.
I am not sure about those stockphoto kids and people as the first image to your projects.
They don’t really tell me anything about the design and especially the kids seem to be there just to add a cute factor to your work. It felt a bit cheesy to me. I would keep it more simple and leave the stock images out.
Instead you could show people interacting with your pieces. I also wish to have seen more models of your pieces instead of renderings.

Another thing is that you should most definitely specify that if somebody hits the “information” button, it doesn’t take you to another site (what I expected) but automatically downloaded your resume. I felt tricked into downloading something I just wanted to look at but not download.

Nice professional portfolio. Almost a little too clean. I’d like to see a little more individuality/personality to it… and it could be as simple as switching out some of the stock photos as mentioned.

I like the clean interface, very easy to use. You seem to have some color matching issues. The warm grey box at the top doesn’t exactly work with the cool grey box of the first slide, and it could be the optical illusion created by the two greys, but the green text in those boxes doesn’t seem to match… then your resume doesn’t aesthetically connect at all. A bit of a pet peeve, clicking information and going to a pdf is a bit unexpected. It might be better to say “download resume”, I think you could also have some information about yourself (a mini resume) as the last slide.

I always look for he weekest project in a portfolio, and for you it is the footwear project. I just don’t think that is helping you.

Other than that, you seem to be heavily furniture weighted, not a bad thing, but just something to be aware of and control.