portfolio review requested


I would like a comprehensive portfolio review. I am half way through a industrial design program and I am hoping to secure an internship. I would like your critical feedback, particularly from those of you who hire or are in the industry. You can find my portfolio here: industrialdesignport.compressed_compressed.pdf - Google Drive

Caleb Manske

Hi Caleb,

First advice I can give is that it might be beneficial to upload your portfolio in a different manner. I had the link open on my browser for over a half an hour and only the first page loaded.

Edit For some reason today its working much faster!! I agree with what Ralph has said, and I will also add, I think you could make your sketches stand out a bit more, scan them in differently or do some digital sketches over top. They just seem very washed out and in many cases small. Keep pushing, you’re onto a good start!

Hi Caleb,

Thanks for sharing.
The idea of the portfolio is good - explaining the projects, showing some process and a few hero photography/render shots.
However you are presenting it like a stamp collection - be bolder, tell a story for a project, use more space on the page as well.
Instead of showing a little bit of everything select 3-4 of your best projects and present them more clearly. You can work on graphic design and typography as well.
It is OK to use more pages, as long as it is under, say, 60 and you can simplify it by dividing each project section into a page about the intention/orientation, one with process and one presenting the results, with no more than 4 images per page and a paragraph of text.

I like your ergonomics study the most, there is some cleverness.
See if you can build on that and reach creative solutions that are marketable, usable, beautiful and manufacturable.