Portfolio Review - Privately

Hey guys,

I have been working on my personal portfolio, however, I have reservations about posting it onto a public forum while employed for fear of being doxxed.

I guess 2 things:

  • Would anyone be willing to review my portfolio privately, through DMs or emails?

  • Does anyone have advice how to go about having another set of eyes on it?

As I have working in the industry for about 5 years since graduating, I am looking to show a mid/senior level ability and would certainly appreciate any input on its current state.



You can send it to me with a PM. I also have about 5 years of experience so we can exchange ideas.
While the content remains private, can we discuss it publicly on this forum? These are always good discussions to share.


Hi Leggo,

Feel free to send it via DM, I’ll try to share some valuable feedback. I agree with ralphzoonjens with sharing/discussing the progress on the forum, as many others can refer to it as a guide.