Portfolio Review please

Hey guys. I’m a recent MID grad from Pratt (May 2016) and I’ve been looking for a junior ID position for these last months. I used to work as a microbiologist before transitioning into a design grad program. I’m finding it very difficult to even get an interview compared to the amount of applications I send out. It’s starting to make me wonder if my work isn’t strong enough. I don’t send recruiters an ISSU link (2016 09 05 v2 portfolio 2016 by Dar Tu - Issuu). It’s just that I can’t upload a pdf to this forum. I also have a website I made: http://www.imdarrien.com. Any and all critique would be wonderful. I feel like I might be approaching finding a creative job like I was used to in finding a research/laboratory position.

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I really enjoy your photos. And your models. Super sleek, especially your thesis project.

Though some shots were a bit masturbatory and cliche. The markers or the post its.

To reiterate what Keno said, the layout is the biggest hurdle. Hard to navigate, imagery is much too small to really tell what it is trying to show.

It took me way too long to figure out that was your work and not a tumblr. If I was looking to hire I wouldn’t spend that time trying to figure out how to navigate your website. Like Keno said, find a very simple template and use attractive cover images that make me want to click on that project and it should be clear before I go into it, what that project is. If your PDF has a different layout, figure out how to post it so we can accurately see what your applications look like.

The first project, I am assuming is meant to be your strongest foot. It has way too many images and not enough explanation of what it is showing. Try to properly layout that project and condense it so I can click through it in a reasonable amount of time.

Take it easy on the GIFs, I understand it is helping to show what your idea does, but I feel there are too many and multiple are playing at once, it is a little distracting when you are trying to view a project. Maybe just to limit yourself to one per project, and make it really illustrate your main point. For others, a photo is typically enough for me to understand how it works.

Just some canned advice, show me what type of job you want. Is it craft? is it Electronics? Research? Figure out what type of industry you think you want to work in and really try to gear your portfolio towards that.


Thank you LonghornGreenback. I was trying to figure out how to show design process without just scanning sketches (maybe that’s the best way to do it).

@Keno & LeggoMyEggo

Thank you for taking the time to post your comments! I agree with you that I have too much text information. It must be that science journal part of me that’s still lingering in there. I will try to go and slim it down. Also I’ll remove the unnecessary images so that it’s faster to work through. Responsiveness is also an issue (more so on the mobile). I basically learnt HTML and CSS by just putting code together and reading on the internet. I think the reason I wanted to try to make my own site was that all my colleagues & class mates have those “designer portfolios” of just a 3x3 square grids of work. Do you think employers care if your website looks like every other beginning designer’s site? I guess the work is what matters since we’re not in the web design area.

I’ve always wanted to work for a big in house design team (Asus, Microsoft, Logitech, HP, etc) and in electronic product design (I love and still love computer hardware). Sidenote, what is the ID area in Canada (specifically Toronto or Vancouver)? I’ve been looking and they are far and few between, as is in NY. :slight_smile:

I know when I review portfolios I don’t look for their website skill (and typically assume they just use a template regardless), as that is not what you will be hired for. Simplicity is great for ID portfolios because it is your work I want to see, that’s what makes the 3x3 grid templates so popular, make your work stand out from the others. It is great to learn web building skills, but I don’t think it is necessary for your applications unless you are applying for a web design job.

I tried accessing your portfolio on my phone and this is what it looks like…(see attached). It’s probably the last thing you need to fuss over but having your portfolio seamlessly transition from web to pdf to phone will definitely show quality and thoughtfulness. :smiley:

Dar, you have some nice work, clean aesthetic. Your website is holding you back though. It is glitchy, and the bank of numbers of images with vague project names and no descriptions is not user friendly or inviting. I would go with something simpler. Let the work tell the story.