Portfolio review please

I’m sorry, I know this is not the place to post this, but my previous effort didn’t get any comments.

Please, don’t pull your punches. Let me have it. I’d rather have a bruised ego than a crappy portfolio. That said, If you see something you like, let me know about it.

Ok, (GULP) here I go again.


Of course, If you know someone or you yourself are hiring… I am available. :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good to me, but where are your sketches? That is the first thing that came to mind. Show some process, it will strengthen and add more validity to your final designs. Keep up the good work!

You are 100% right about that. Sketches are on the way. I built my website based on what i saw as priorities.

  1. Selling to Clients -freelance
  2. Selling myself as a potential new hire.

SO… I sidelined the sketches at first in order to create a completed look. I am Presently working on putting a group of sketches up. After that, I will be working on some physical models.

Also my skills of sketching have improved beyond what I had for those projects. I want to be sure the work presented is my best.

Thanks again.

Ok the good news, your furniture is nice, remeinds me of stuff we did in the early 80’s

Bottle washer, over engineerd filling a non existant need, no additional benifift from filling bottle 2/3 full of water, screwing on the cap and shaking.

dog side car, misses the whole rational for a side car wich is ability to carry a lot of differnet things and as a side car effects the handling of a motorcycle it should be uber utilty. A liner that goes into a existing side car would have more merrit and greater consumer acceptance.

modern garden, A over designed solution that not only will not perform well (tilliage is done to do a number of things inclusive of killing off comptitive plants as well as loosening the soil) but shows a lack of dept of understanding on the end users over all though process for gardening. A bit of direct interview with existing garderners would show that they are process orientied from breaking ground, through weeding and harvesting. Stomp and grow might have a market with urbans whom are using pots to raise a few plants however then it compeating with other lower cost systems and with true hydroponic self illuminated interior systems.

Direct consumer dialog, using a wide sample will help you find the wheat and get rid of the chaff.

I am becoming aware that I need to do a much better job explaining my projects.

The side car is a bit fluffy. It was a group project of three weeks with a specification that we create an alternative seating area for motorcycles. We were aiming at dog lovers who own custom bikes. In our research we didn’t find side cars that matched the aesthetic of a stretched out chopper.

As far as the modern garden project, I disagree with you. The point of it was to entice gardeners, single women 25-40, into trying just a few plants. What I wanted was to give these users a taste of success in a supportive learning environment. My hope is to reverse some of their fears, causing them to choose to grow more of their own food and buy less from far off places.

The bottle washer has some issues. 1 it should be called the semi-closed container rinsing system. glass bottles, baby ect… Also, in my research I found information that stated PET is not toxic and leach no more chemicals than any other drinking container.

Lastly, you said my furniture looks like what you were doing in the 80’s. Does that mean my work is dated or you were 25 ahead.

Thanks again.

Oh, and zippy, could you please send me your coroflot page or your portfolio. You seem to have quite a bit of experience and I would love to see it.

  1. The reason you dont see sidecars that match the look of a chopper is because of the vechile dynamics of a chopper requires that they lean to turn, they are so damn long and a side car bike can only lean to one direction…a motorcycle that can only realy turn to the left is not going to be real popular.

  2. The hydroponic systems serve that market better both from a ease of use and % of people having success. The rate of success is vital in this type of product, if you dont get a yield then why bother.

  3. There is still no vaild or percived improvement in the bottle washer over filling, capping and shaking.

  4. In fashion items what is old is new again, bell bottoms, hip huggers, it all recycles over and over.

  5. I dont have a core page, as my portofilo is over 1/2 gigabite in size (and only contains products that at least went to proto but mostly to production).

Outside of the product design, and more into the webdesign: I think your fades need to go a little quicker. I find myself waiting to see what’s coming, you probably don’t want that.

Another person mentioned that, so I will be changing the fade timing as well as adding small thumbnails to the right for easier navigation.

Thanks Again

i happen to be quite impressed with your portfolio. I happen to be a freshman at a school not necessarily known for its designers, so my view is a bit naive and inexperienced. I like the bottle washer, but you need to expand the realm it works in, it should also be able to wash household glasses, etc, and i would maybe suggest mentioning hot or boiling water to kill any bacteria etc.

You use many story boards, and i think that it may be helpful if you do one of the bottle washer in action (maybe only 2 frames?), to emphasize its convenience and quickness.

as for the garden, i think its genius. theres nothing less complicated about stomping something into the ground and watering, everyone is capable of this, and it is simple enough that everyone believes they are capable. Hydroponic systems (in my mind) are off putting because it sounds complicated, expensive, etc. Many people give up on them or dont consider them even if they have not done any research.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I think you are right as to showing more how the bottle washer is implemented. My only hope is that as you progress and graduate, my work still looks good. Thanks again and good luck in school.

Yeah you need to show more sketching, and quick photoshops too. You get from research to product too quick, even just rough stuff to show you can think and communicate your ideas quickly.

Have you read the articles about not washing and reusing PET bottles? I do it anyway, I assumed the scientists mean those cheap 24 for 10 dollars bottles, I’m just personally curious about that.

And a little thing thats big to me, get rid of the featured folder in coroflot, pull those images from their individual folders so when I click on one im in that set and not your featured set. Twice and went from bottle washer to cabbage and was baffled.