Portfolio Review - Design Student

Hi everyone!

I’m studying Product Design and would love feedback on this iteration of my portfolio site (anandupender[DOT]com). There is a tab for digital and a tab for physical products as to separate these very different types of work. (let me know feedback on them individually or in general!)

Thank you!

Hi Anand,

You are a good user experience designer!
You have done a wide variety of projects and clearly gained tons of awareness and good experiences.
At this point your portfolio looks and feels professional and content-wise it is mostly geared towards skunkworks/R&D type work.
Your projects (and everyone else’s for that matter) will greatly benefit once you start integrating multiple disciplines into one project - say you can augment a physical product with an app to provide a whole new experience and utilizing the power of local manufacturing. That, together with improved craftsman ship and knowledge of materials will bring your work to a next level.

Your ideas for new digital implementations are fantastic, I would like all your work to be elaborated more. As you become more aware of what it takes to bring ideas to the actual market, I am sure your work will grow.
Your best project on the hardware side is the LED fountain - great use of budget with a good sense of design (the Met recently did something similar but I prefer your team’s aesthetic) and well executed!

In your next project, see if you can go a bit deeper, either combining multiple disciplines or working out the aesthetic and materialization or the business aspect of the project more.

Keep us updated of your work!