Portfolio ready for the crit!

Hi there,

I’ve just finished my wesite which is my online portfolio; the main body of the portfolio work is in the projects section of my website.

Please let me know what you think, the more honest the better, I really want to improve and would appreciate your comments.

Oh, also please be aware that my Major Project section in Footwear is currently in production, so there should be some ‘real’ images soon!

Website is www.jiliallen.com (i think you should be able to see it in my signature) Thank you!

personally not a fan of the logo or the splash screen.

also its really over bearing with mutliple fonts, it’s in general way to complicated.

Likewise same with the typography on your cv the white to black title text.

same goes for project texts and the pink colour just doesn’t work imo

bigger in your face pictures would be better for your projects, rather than again more text, and having to click another button to see the work.

Check out Yo’s or R’s. R is very good with typography so have a look at this first pullover and directive collective. Likewise both their sites hit you with stellar images straight off, makes you want to investigate more.

same as above…look at reducing your UI and make your portoflio images bigger.

loose the splash…it ain’t the 90’s anymore

thanks for your feedback, i really appreciate it.
i know this may sound ridiculously stupid, but you may have guessed that I’m totally new to all this website design, this is my first one, so what exactly is ‘splash’?

Your splash page is the first page a visitor lands on that has a graphic and simply says “enter site” Have your visitors land directly at your home page.

ok, that makes sense, thank you! :slight_smile:

if your new to web design, why not use wordpress template or modify one?

Make your works visible and not squished :slight_smile:

! i think your major project is awesome, i love thesis’s that try to make a statement or show a social issue. I feel that you shouldn’t have so many sub tabs and just have your work show up bigger. I think you have some modeling images that should be rendered better what are you using for your shoes, Alias or something similar? and what are you rendering in because it looks like Hypershot with a screen shot? Your main page is fine to me as a title page to your site. You Resume (CV) i think the alignment of some of the text isn’t working very well with the large pink line that goes down the side. The pink works well with black white and greys like you have. Keep up the good work !! keep sketching because you have some talent, and it doesn’t hurt to get better!

thank you! Really appreciate the comments, im in the process of changing the CV as I’ve had other similar comments; need to check what it looks like in different browsers i think :confused: For the shoe renderings, I used Rhino 3d which was actually incredibly difficult for shoe design but the only 3d program i could get my paws on! and yes, hypershot screenshot, which program(s) do you think would work better?

still working the kinks out, but thank you again for your comments, things can only get better with crit. :smiley:

so i’m going to assume you have a trial version? if so see if your version of windows has a snip it tool or screen shot short cut key. So when you render it completely you can get a better quality javascript:emoticon(‘:)’) i hope that helps !