Portfolio Quality

hi all…

a quick thanks to everyone. all the info here is key.

so im an electrical engineer but belong in design. i spent last 6 months putting together a portfolio for a masters in architecture when i realized, that the only drive for architecture is that its the grandaddy of design. im not sure if i have any real passion for architecture itself.

then the idea of ID dawned on me, so here i am.

looks like my choices are ACCD, University of Cincinatti, and AAC.

  1. so i was wondering, how good are the portfolios to get into ACCD, and the other choices?

id LOVE to hear from or see some examples from accepted students.

also,… ACCD portfolio requirment seems to be pretty narrow on focused on the major applied for, i have a bit of work that stretches across multiple fields. bad idea to include those anyways?


breath , shows depth. also firgure drawing is important. As for how good the entery protfoilios are at accd I would say that there are probelly ‘impressive’ I have the current perspectives book next to me and it always looks good.

University of Cinncinnati does NOT require portfolios for design majors.However, if you have a good one, you should send it in anyway.

They are VERY academically oriented. You should have at least a 3.5 overall GPA and preferably better and about 1200 or more on the SATs (math and verbal). Class rank is very important to them. If you are in the top 10-20%, you should be fine.


I’m also in the same boat (ex engineering student) and was recently accepted into Art Center for product design. From the handful of accepted portfolios I’ve seen I’d say there is quite a range in quality and talent. Of course the mega scholarship winners were awesome. But the ones without scholarships or those that were awarded smaller scholarships ($3000 a term or less) were very average. Having taken a few classes at Art Center at Night (ACAN) I’d say the majority of them could receive entrance along with some sort of scholarship.

So if you’re in the Pasadena area attending an ACAN class will really help you get an idea of where you’re at in terms of acceptance.

As for the ACCD portfolio content all of the ones I’ve seen (including my own) were entirely product/trans design related. But that’s not to say that you shouldn’t include other material. Just as long as it’s quality and simply not filler stuff.

I would post up my stuff but ACCD still has my portfolio. Feel free to PM me with any questions. I know how frustrating, confusing, and intimidating this whole process can be.

Good luck!