Portfolio Projects - Organization?

I was just wondering:

When creating your own project for your portfolio, (Transportation design in this case) How would one go about organizing their work?
I know lots of people use marker paper for rendering, but is it better to have your ideation sketches inside a sketchbook (with many other sketches that may be for other projects or just personal practice) or would it be better to have ideation sketches for a specific project on a separate piece of paper (say, a 9x12 sheet of marker paper), all put together into a group for that specific project?

Well, it;s hard to say without seeing the work. There is really no right or wrong way to do these things, just what you can make work best, and that tends to vary a lot… not much of an answer I guess!


Yo, despite your “non-answer” you’ve just given me some fantastic portfolio advice!


Happy New Year! :smiley:

Depending on the purpose of the portfolio, you’d have to figure out what the people that will look at it would want to see.

It almost all comes up to the same thing, put some variety, don’t show a fair amount of different styles/projects/medias while keeping it balanced.

From what I learned, if you have a project page, try as much as possible to present the developement more than the finished product. You can do the opposite for 1 or 2 projects to show off your rendering skills but that’s all.


So technically, it’s more about content, rather than organization?
Because I recently started a project for my “pre”-portfolio and a lot of my development sketches are sprawled all over the place (in my sketchbook, on pieces of canson paper, marker paper, etc). So I was just curious on how people viewing the portfolio would react.

Of course, my finals wil be done on marker paper, but just the ideation and such sketches are all over the place.
Thanks for the advice!

i’d scan the scattered sketches and compile them in photoshop, and put some sort of thing on it to indicate which project it belongs to. why dont you just ask tony

I suggest within each project you arrange content both chronologically and conceptually. This way, people can see both a progression of what you did skills-wise and how you developed your ideas. Put your 2 best projects at the beginning and end of your portfolio.

Good luck! A portfolio’s the hardest thing I’ve ever designed, and I still don’t like mine after redoing it every 3 months for the last 2 years!

Obviously I agree with the above comments. But this is what I tend to do:

Keep a sketchbook/journal were I keep ideas and obviously sketches, but when it comes to a full project, usually i do all the sketches and hand renders on marker paper and compile them all together at the end of the project. This way it all looks unanimous and it’s easy to see a clear process.

When it comes to a portfolio I select some of the marker paper renders and sketches (and make a digital version in Photoshop). If the interviewer asks to see original rough sketches I always have my sketchbook on me.