portfolio production

hello coroflotians!

I have been sharpening my skills for the past three years…and I am finally ready!!

but I have never been taught how to make a kick ass portfolio… and coroflot came whizzing to my brain.

tips would be very helpful NOW!!!

crticism is always welcome folks! :sunglasses:

some basic guidlines

1: don’t assume the person reading your portfolio will be a designer. Give enough information (think advertising) so that even the business person can understand what you did.

2: show projects from finish to start to finish. What is it? How did I get there? What is it again? A variety of sketches. Scan in and touch up if you use inconsistant paper/media/etc.

3: don’t give away too much. You want enough drawings/info/process to make the employer NEED to have you come in for an interview, but you don’t want to have nothing more to show when you interview.

4: this means you may want a self-explanatory SAMPLE portfolio which can be passed out like promotional material and an INTERVIEW portfolio which is bulkier and shows much more but is only intended to be seen with you right there.

5: stick to your best projects, at least 3 no more than 6.

6: engineer a flexible portflio. be selective to focus on the employer → include relevant work → if you are applying for POP and you’ve done it before, include it. If you are applying for trans include more car designs. If you don’t want to model, give sketches precedence.

7: when in doubt, leave it out!

any more suggestions?

Benny thank you for your post, it was quite thorough and informative.
the time and thought you took to write it is appreciated.

(yeesh the manners of some people :unamused: )
(criticism point #1)

Are you looking for a job in ID, Graphic Design or something related?

I have a question too.

My school makes us do a resume, and typically it will inlude some of our works like sketches, model or rendering, so that when they show the resumes to people who want to look for interns, those people can know who to pick.

Of course I am not waiting for people to come pick me. I plan to send out stuffs, so should I just send out that resume, or should I send out a teaser which I have to make? If I send out teasers, then do I have to send the resume as well?

are you talking about including pictures of your work in your resume? first of all i dont see how you would have enough space. secondly it would just look bad. if you are looking for a job or internship, make teasers, and send them WITH your resume. in your resume you tell them about your skills, and in the teaser you show them.

Ok, but does this look ok?

It’s on Yahoo Briefcase, you either that you access it with your own yahoo ID, or use mine…

User name: molested_cow
Password: everyone

Direct link: http://us.f2.yahoofs.com/bc/404927df_1332a/bc/resume/YH+Juan+resume.pdf?bft0SSABueJOXVwr

Link to my briefcase:

BTW it’s a pdf file.

it says the resume folder is empty, and the direct link doesnt work

Did you try login in with my ID? Yahoo won’t let me share the file if you don’t log in with any yahoo ID.

Anyways, I’ve set the folder back to private and only if you login with my ID will be able to view it.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

ID: molested_cow
PW: everyone

finally got it working, what ever you did it now works.
I only took a quick view but it looks good. nice combination of text and images. If anything I’d have to add it would be that perhaps with the “western” bias of reading left to right, I’d suggest putting the pics on the right side of the text. this way the eye can read left to right and then continue to the pics, instead of read sentence from middle of page, and then run eye back to the left to look at pic. then all over again.

also the floating drawings on white look good but since you’ve included the last picture (which is “boxed”) I’d suggest perhaps putting a vertical line, box, shaded background, etc to divide the text from the images.

oh yeah perhaps a lebel of the last pic would be a good idea? (what are those, bathing suits?) :wink: