portfolio piece question

i am going to put a portfolio together for a scholarship, i have a video i made that has received good response on youtube but i am not sure if it is appropriate for a portfolio, tell me what you think. the link is here The Bathroom - YouTube

Depends on what you’re going for. If it’s animation it might be appropriate. Otherwise I’d leave it out. Most school are interested in observational drawing if you’re entering as a freshman. So get a work on your still life’s.

I’d put it in, that was pretty funny and it is good to show some personality.

I am going to apply to a school, and the director of the design program sent me info about a portfolio scholarship, he said it can have any photography, video, art, designs, CAD drawings. its just a general porfolio scholarship for the school.

anybody else have any comments about including it or not?

i saw it. chuckled, but i wouldnt put it in as a portfolio piece. I dont see how it adds to your skillset (i tried stop motion animation when i was 12) and its funny, but crude (ie not ‘clever humor’ or irony that would spark a dean’s interest).

my 2c