Portfolio Pain - Box of Chocolate

I sure this question has been asked like 1 million times. But please be patient with me.

I am having a hard time narrowing it down for sample sheets (you know the pdfs employers / recruiters want sent in with resumes), In my research I have found you should send in about 7-8projects, I think I found this in another discussion? Y’all agree?

I am an experienced designer (over 10 years) who has worked on a lot of mass-produced projects in a lot of materials and processes (inj. mold, blow mold, thermo, struct. pkg., fabricated steel, fibreboard, etc.) for a few diff. markets (kids, display, medical, etc.). I feel it is in my benefit to represent each of these, or the breadth of my experience, especially for a recruiter. But the overall appearance looks very “colorful” or “assorted” like a box of chocolates even though it is very organized and consistently formatted, labeled very well, succinct. It does not appear focused and directed. - But I feel I’m not representing one of my strengths (which is ability to be versatile) if I don’t do it this way. Maybe breadth is not a strength anywhere but in a consultancy?

I don’t always have the full representation of the process for each project, for lack of the materials or fear of being blamed for showing something “confidential”, but I show similar process materials in a “sketch section” or in my “personal projects” section where I show more of the process -sketch options to rendering to 3D model/rendering to Control Dwg.


Does my approach sound Effective, not effective?
Do you think targeted, over breadth?
Ok to show you can do whole process over a bunch of projects vs. one project?
How many projects max? As many as will fill the pdf limit they impose wether it be 2MB 3 or 4?

Any other advice?

All that I have worked with in the past have requested 2 pdf pages max and around 1mb or less on each page. What they look for is a brief snapshot of the range and quality of your skillset. You want your information easy to pass around within a company and not blow up their inbox. I would just show a few images of your abilities like sketching, rendering, specs, final models, comercialized products, etc. OR you could show finished work if you’re concerned about confidentiality.

You could also create an online portfolio on coroflot and include the link on your resume. If they’re curious and didn’t get what they’re looking for through your sample sheets, they can go to the URL.

A full brief of each of the 7-8 projects is what I would bring to the interview. You should select your projects based on talking points you want to highlight about yourself.