Portfolio OPEN SEASON!!

Hello folks,

I am Vedang, a new member to this great online Core77 community. I am a recent graduate from MIT Institute of Design, India. (with two years of work/internship experience)
This is a portfolio I had made after graduation which includes some of my college work and internship projects. Please feel free to go through it.

PORTFOLIO LINK: http://www.issuu.com/vedangk/docs/portfolio_vk?e=2902786/6419433

I am looking forward to hear your valuable criticism, feedback, opinions, suggestions, your like/dislike on my work, which will help me to improve it for job application. I’d be grateful for some criticism!

Thank you for taking out the time to go through it.


I really like your portfolio, I would suggest perhaps reducing the text however as I wouldn’t have time to read through 29 pages of it (and I’m still just a student myself).

Also, there are a lot of projects and I only remember the sock and the Skull headphones so perhaps focus it more?

Just my thoughts, but it’s awesome!


Few quick things.

The level of your works varies greatly. The JoyJung projects are beautifully modeled and rendered. And then you have projects like the Perch and RolyPoly, which are lacking that refinement.

Also another thing that is lacking is personality and a story. What makes you different than the countless other applicants? You have it in the clay page. But its so far into the portfolio that Ive already made my initial impression by the time I get to it.

So structure your portfolio so that you Wow people right from the beginning. The sock project is a bit hard to follow. So it doesn’t get the impact your needing. I see red dot nominee, but it didn’t wow me like some of the other work. The more indepth projects are usually suited better as a 2nd or 3rd project. Since a shorter 1st project will quench the thirst of the reviewer to see sketches, research, design ability, etc. After you show a project with those elements, you can ease into longer projects.

On your footwear. Your proportions are really hurting you. Its making it hard to read the form, because Im focusing on how the shape should be tweaked. Your tiny thumbnails have more constraint and proper proportions than your other sketches. Also, just a nit picking thing (most people wont notice) but don’t use the same sketches to fill up the page. The top left page, is the same page as the middle, its just reflected and cropped. Surely you have time to draw another 5 sketches to help fill the page.

Water bottle photography could be nicer. White balance it so at least all the whites are the same color. Look at the page where you have the studio shots, then to the middle of the 4 pictures. You’ll see what I mean.

With all photography. Photoshop and touch up. Our physical models are never perfect. But it doesn’t mean that shouldn’t appear exactly how you intended. Treat them like they do models in a magazine. Dodge, burn, smooth, healing brush, add highlights and text. Do whatever is needed to your photographs so they are as close to your vision as possible.

The work is a good start, you just need a bit of refinement on your presentation to bring it all together.