Portfolio - Looking for feedback!

I’ve just finished updating my portfolio after finishing my Masters in Design. Curious what your impressions are. Are the projects clearly explained? I’m showing a lot of process on most of the projects, is it too much or too little? I’m currently looking for a job in product design / UX so that is the audience I am gearing it towards.

Let me know what you think!



Welcome Andreas,

I didn’t click through everything, but 2 quickly got a very good feeling about the work. Here is what I think is working:

  1. You got straight to the work. I love this. Especially from a recent grad. Lets cut the BS and see some sh!t. Nice work. Remember most of your viewers are going to be hiring managers who are doing 10 other things at one time. Getting straight to it is very positive and recognizes who your audience is.

  2. Heavy use of video. Many UX designers fall into the trap of telling vs showing. Using a lot of video avoids this.

  3. on the deeper work pages there is a lot of nice content and it is very visual, even the personas and the Ux flows.

  4. T shipped thing on the bio page is fun

One thing I’m not sure on is the CV link going to LinkedIn. I’d love to hear other thoughts here. On one hand it is not what I was expecting. I’d prefer to have the link say LinkedIn vs CV… on the other hand I like the idea of LinkedIn displacing the traditional CV.

Thanks for the feedback Michael. I’m glad the t-shaped designer thing came across as funny as was my intent. Trying to lighten up the page where we talk about ourselves. Good insight on the CV link. I’m definitely thinking that Linkedin should be a replacement for a tradition CV, but you might be right on the expectation based on the name of the link. I’ll give it a whirl!


[ Deleted ]

Thanks for the feedback Keno. I can see what you are saying about too heavy on text in some parts. I definitely need someone to check me on that. I just came out of my masters so I am still in that headspace, I’ll attempt to adjust accordingly. My goal with the portfolio is for getting employment at an agency or in house position in product design / UX so I want to gear it and the project presentations toward hiring managers. I’m 2/2 on the T-shape and 0/2 on the CV link.