Portfolio (Looking for Feedback!)

Hi, I just recently graduated and I am currently working on my portfolio. Any critique is welcome!


Thanks in advance!

Edit: Updated!

Hi, sorry, it was offline for a long time, but I have updated it:

[ Deleted ]

Thanks for the feedback KenoLeon!

There seems to be a lot of traffic going to Ceres, maybe because it is a more typical ID project. A problem with a static website is that I cannot order it correctly according to job openings. I need to think how I going to solve this.

Good point and thanks for the Fiverr tip!

You are right about DiscoSchorle and Nest. I should have some photos of Nest and its packaging soon, I will add them. Can you elaborate on Ceres a bit more? Do you think the content itself should be improved or that the order/manner is just wrong or unclear?

Yes. I will add it!

Thanks again for your time, I appreciate it!

[ Deleted ]

Thanks for clarifying your feedback KenoLeon!

With traffic I meant relative to the other projects (traffic from this board). I do not setup my portfolio for search engines.

As for the picture with the four ladies, it is meant to look weird and offensive. This is a problem that current hands-free products have.

I do agree that the concept could use more explanation (on how it solves the problem), I will need to take a look at that.