Portfolio in the works..

You can check it out at: http://www.jeffreycwheeler.com

Right now it’s more graphic design, illustration work. All of my ID stuff is still in the works, on it’s way to the final stages. I’m gonna get some of my sketches up on there soon. Leave me some feedback if you want, and got some extra time.


Hey Jeff_

Good to see you one here. Nice clean site… I’m partial to those green Huarache Lights (I have the same pair, I love 'em)

Your graphic design stuff is really good. Nice use of negative space on the Typographic Symposium poster.

I will just add this: please remove all those lines from your resume. The type is very neat and proportional, but the lines are rather distracting and take away from the cleanliness of it.

Also, it would be nice to see sketches alongside the rendered products.


Yeah, you’re right. Sometimes I get carried away with line for some reason. Took care of it and it does look a lot better. It opens everything up and is much less distracting. Thanks.