Portfolio Help / Feedback

I really appreciate any feedback of any kind. I’m a newly grad student recently completed with my Ma and looking for feedback / good tips to improve my portfolio.


Thanks :wink:
Jonas b Poulsen

Just some brief observations.
Speaker project: Can you prove or validate that “emotion” will impact the music industry? There is a disconnect here for me. If emotion is the theme of the initial concepts I think you should try to communicate your thought process/ideas better.
Gigo Storyline: Needs more visual information the problem you were solving. What is your contribution and what made you think it would be successful?
Electrical Cars: What are Danish driver’s assumptions of electric cars? You identify this as design criteria, but I’m not sure how you address it. What do those images on the first page really mean? Page 2 Clean up sketches ( see portfolio handbook).
Bike: Again with the images on the first page- are those pointing out design criteria? You might want to better explain that or decide to remove it. Page 2, clear up scans. Page 4, call-out design features that are significant to your concept and relate back to the problem you are solving.
Sketches: I’d put the car sketches with the electric car, they are better., I think the work on your blog is good as well.

Show your thought process and make sure that your solutions revolve around the problem you are trying to solve. Have a problem, state a goal. Good luck.

Thanks I think you have hit the nail on the head on what I need to improve… I be back with a new portfolio later :slight_smile:

I updated my Portfolio, mostly target the Toy & Game industry :sunglasses:

Dude, loving the amount of sketches that are in your 'folio, nice work! I would finish out your portfolio with a slide stating your name and how to contact you because the person who is looking at your portfolio needs to be reminded at the end who to associate the work to.

Yes your portfolio shows your skills but it doesn’t really show how you think and your problem solving skills. For the Lionceau project, what elements of the car are both male and female, why do certain elements of your design work? And how does your design cater to the Danish drivers needs (as was pointed out above). I would like to see your final design as a clear answer to the problem being stated at the beginning of the project.

I would also maybe consider adding in a few “one-pagers” just quick, like one day projects that cleverly solve a problem that you know of. The purpose is two-fold: they could go in between the first two projects and change up the pace of your portfolio and also showcase your thinking and creativity skills. They will also highlight your skills in sketching and 2D conceptual rendering.
So I say go for it! And keep up the good work!