Portfolio/Foundation course

Hey :wink:
I’m currently doing my IB(LVI) in the UK and started research about industrial/product design courses. As I have only visual arts as a subject and no design related subject, I’m not sure if my skills are enough to present a decent portfolio. I’d like to apply at Brunel University, Loughborough, Northumbria, Nottingham Trent and CSM. I’ve got good drawing skills, I’m creative and really interested in design. But I have no skills at all in CAD and I would need some help to create some product design sketches. I thought about a portfolio course, but as my free time is limited(I could only do a course for a month), I dont know if it would reach the standard I need to get accepted in these universities. And it is hard to find a good portfolio course which also offers insights in the functional design work and I would have to take it in my home country Germany. I heard about a foundation course in art & design. Are they recommendable ? And if yes could you recommend some colleges, please. Or should I rather try to complete my portfolio in a course in my country ? Do you know if some students earn some extra money with private courses who could help ?
ill be thankful for help !