Portfolio form online vs pdf?

When sending an initial application email what is the best way to present the samples of your work?

Upload to coroflot?
Sent pdf?
Create interactive flash website?

I’m not very good with technologies of creating web graphics is creating a nice website a must if you want to apply to top companies?

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Some will ask specifically for what they want ie. pdf portfolio under 2MB. I would say a PDF portfolio under 4mb is best for an initial run.

Most job applications request a pdf portfolio, typically under 5mb. Personally, I think it definitely helps to have a website as well, maybe not specifically for a job application, but just to enhance your overall online presence. It’s much easier for me to give my card to someone when I meet them with my url on it, than exchange e-mail addresses and ultimately mail a large portfolio. I think coroflot is fairly ubiquitous among designers, but I don’t think many apply for work with their coroflot pages. Doesn’t really enable you to present your work in the manner you want in order to translate the experience you’re looking to convey!