Portfolio for undergrad - feedback

So i’m thinking about going back to get my undergrad in ID. I wanted to get some feedback on my current portfolio. I know it’s not that strong b/c a lot of my projects were just fun little garage projects, but I’d still like to get a sense of what I may need to include or work on to get into a decent program. I am looking to apply to the major ID program schools for the fall of 2010.

Any feedback would be great.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s my portfolio:


Hey jov777!
Nice stuff! I think you’ve got a really solid start to a great portfolio.

My main suggestion is to sketch more! You’ve proven through the projects that you have a very good handle on the construction side, but your sketches are looking like after thoughts. You seem to be having a tough time with perspective, I’d suggest running through the Scott Robertson DVD’s on drawing basics. Well worth the money. Keep sketching things from real life, shoes, people, irons, phones, fruit… Sketching is a big part of ID, it’s a critical part of the iterative design process. My suggestion would be to keep working on your sketching, make sure you can get basic perspective down, also not sure what schools you’re looking at but often they like to see more fine art type pieces. Again, depends on the school, double check on their sites.

Great start though, just keep drawing and getting the basics down.

Good luck!

only glanced through, but it looks okay, but your sketchwork is ruining the portfolio for me. draw draw draw more more more! it’s basically your handwriting. if you are illegible, no one can understand your process. although i can sort of make out what you’re drawing, your perspective definitely needs work.

I agree. I see you have the design mind because you can think out an idea and make it. But you just have to put it on paper after you think of the idea. If your in a meeting and your discussing an idea you want your colleague’s to understand what your creating. You can’t just make your product right there in 5 mins like you could with a sketch.

it seems like a lot of carpentry, and isn’t too well rounded. I would suggest other kinds of projects and materials you enjoy working with to help balance out all the woodwork.

maybe a little color could help too.

Great craftsmanship! Needs variety in terms of materials, manufacturing process, and conceptual level. right now it looks like you are only designing things you can fully realize on your own? Is that a correct quick impression? And yes, sketching!

Everyone seems to be giving you good feedback; I might just recommend tying in some inspiration images into the projects. All your designs have a certain style to them, show people some of your influences when you went about coming up with the designs. Nice craftsmanship.