Portfolio for RISD, Pratt,, IIT, CCA etc

I would like to know, what should I be making for my portfolio for Masters in Industrial Design keeping in mind that I DO NOT HAVE A Bachelors in Industrial Design nor in Arts?

Specifically I would like to know:

  1. Should it be similar to the requirements of a Bachelors in Industrial Design? Like Sketches and Drawings? and Ideation Sketches?

  2. Should it be more focused on Sketches and Drawings and less on actual Industrial Design Process because I dont have a degree and thats the point of applying to a Grad School? Like Should it be showing them ability to draw Products but not really showing any NEW or breakthrough ideas as such.

  3. What about renderings and 3d stuff? Is this expected of from a non-ID background applicant?

  4. Any Sample Portfolio, specifically of those who got scholarships

    And, no I am not considering a SECOND undergrand. Just a grad in ID. Thanks a lot.

What did you study for your undergraduate degree?

Except for PRATT, admission to grad school is not the same as undergrad.

I’d suggest you use your research agenda as a start.
Demonstrate that you’ve thought about and understood the issues your thesis will cover, do as much groundwork as you can on your own.

Presenting this in a professional manner will go much further towards admission to grad school than a bunch of poorly executed sketches or renderings.

What do you want to be doing after the Masters?

My Current major is Economics and I plan to find a job after I do Masters. I do not really care about what type of job I get, i.e. entry level or whatever, but I just plan to get “A” job in industrial design.

That could actually be a pretty cool combination of degrees. You can combine that knowledge of economic principles with the principles of design research and user-centered design to do some cool things. Good luck.

Focus on skill building, try to avoid them giving you any teaching or research assistantships, because since you’ve only the 3 years, you’ll need all your time working in-studio.

good luck

Thank you, but my QUESTION still remains unanswered. Anyone?

look at it this way, if I wanted to go to one of the top 5 Economics grad schools in the country, and gain admission with no training or experience - what would I have to do to convince them to let me in?

do as much as you possibly can, commit 100% to: researching/sketching/rendering/modelmaking/presenting, starting today.
there’s no particular order of significance for admissions.