Portfolio for New Job Search

Hello all,

I recently created a simple website to use for my new job search.


Any comments or advice would be welcome and appreciated!

Visualy it is all there. Could do with a little more info on your background. Where in this universe are you located and where do you want to be next. Why?



I have some questions about the design solutions, but from a presentation standpoint, I think this is working well.

I do think you need to visually explain some of your decisions better. For example, most of the mass you’ve eliminated in the iron is where the water tank typically is. I see that you indicate a small tank in your rendering, but how does this compare with current irons. Personally, If I’m ironing a blazer, shirt, and pants I have to fill the tank up more than once.

I do not like the animated/scrolling image on your AquaHarvest Project. I have no control over the transitions which is frustrating becasue some of the type is so light that it is difficult to read on my monitor.

You are taking a leap from tradional norms with a few of your projects. This is great, but I would like to better understand why you made those decisions. This can be one of the most difficult things to show in a portfolio and I don’t think I’m always successful either.


Thank you very much for the kind words and great advice.


Initially I only wanted show a preview of a few projects so I could tell the complete story of each project during interviews. After seeing your page, I now see how I make some changes to the images to depict a more fluid and complete story. Your page looks great by the way, you do some very nice work.

Thanks again,