Portfolio for job

I am currently in search for new offers and I would like your comments and feedback on my portfolios. I have a webpage and a pdf I thought of sending the webpage for initial application and then the pdf for in person interview. Please view either or both and feel free to critic. What works, what doesnt, what needs to be improved, what needs to be erased etc.


Few questions- what do you send when you apply- a url or a pdf? How much detail in portfolio is required for the application? based on my portfolios is it too shallow or too much?
Much respect-

Impressive portfolio. Very elegant with respect to colour, presentation and clearity. Best here on core77. Keep up the good work.

Hey Shyamsun
There are a couple of places where the text and background start to collide you may want adjust the opacity on the blue rectangle elements so that it’s a little bit more legible.

Hey thanks wods and choto.
I did have the concern about the colors. I will consider that.