portfolio for internship applications

Hey everybody, guess what, I would be extatic if I could get some good input about my portfolio.

So if you dont mind.


It feels like its missing some graphical razzle dazzle, but everything i tried looked… well, tacky.

Also, which projects would you remove from it? As of now it feels a bit too extensive?

Thanks a bunch!

your portfolio link doesn’t work. 404 error.


Capital letter mistake, sorry. It should work now!

not a big fan of the cover page… and try and cut down in size… its a pretty big PDF and most companies want under 3.0mb… rest looks pretty solid… maybe more sketches?

Thanks for taking your time to check it through!

Concerning the size, I’ve tried hard to get it under 5mb, but everything just looks so awful then. Im pretty fond of the coverpage actually but I love critique, what is it that you dislike about it?

Try saving them as a smaller DPI as well as a JPEG2000 if you do it that way should cut it down dramatically…

Ill try too slim it down a bit more. Got it to about 3.9mb but then i really start to loose image quality.

by the way, found that issuu.com page through your site. Sweet function, thanks!

hey some good stuff there.

You need to consolidate some of your pages. theres too many for some of the projects. i.e the car has three pages but only needs two max. again with pg 16-18

Also think about the text and font. maybe box the text up and have it as white in a grey box. also try and link it with your images in hieght and width it will make your pages more regimented and easier on the eye.

If your using images make sure at the start they are good quality.

BTW what program are you using? if your using photoshop, for eac of the boards save them as 72dpi as seperate images and import them into a pdf. screen resolution only goes upto 72dpi so no need for any higher.

Your cover page if you wanting to keep it. I would knock 75% off the transparency of the dotted images, thus reducing visual clutter and making the block images stand out.


Thanks a lot for the input Chris.

I use indesign for assembling my portfolio. I edited each image in the portfolio now and got it down to a size of 5.2 mb. Guess I had just been neglecting some images earlier, since there was tiny sketches that took about 4 megs…

Anyway, I’ll sure try some of your suggestions, thanks again for your time!

What’s the difference between a normal JPEG and a JPEG2000?

Anyway, I think some of your sketch pages should be better composed. Your sailing compass pages are pretty good, try and compose sketches from your other projects more like the sailing ones - dynamic - varied size and interest…