Portfolio for College

Hi, I’ve been visiting the website for a about a month now, and still was exploring when I noticed the Discussion board and registered. My question is I’m graduating from HS 2011, and I have to send in a portfolio for the design colleges (Major: Industrial Design) I’m applying to, and I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice on what to send in, because I don’t want send in anything unnecessary or anything that they’d consider irrelevant. IDK I’m still nervous about the whole process and I want to do it right, so any advice or other info would be much appreciated. Thank You. :slight_smile:

Hey Shanypoly101,

Most schools will have a list of the sort of work they like to see, some very specific, some more vague. Have you checked out the admission websites to the schools you are interested in? I would suggest doing that, if you haven’t already. Update us on what schools you’re looking in to and I think we could be more helpful in making suggestions, also some idea of what work you have already that you where thinking of including.

Good luck with the process and welcome to the boards!

Thank You so much for replying. Most of the schools I’ve looked at, their requirements are pretty vague at least in my opinion. Except about 2 schools, they’re just like send in your portfolio. Or they might add that they want 50 percent of the portfolio to be work from your mind and not assignments from your teacher, things like that. The schools I’m looking at are:
Parsons The New School for Design (but I really wanna go this one!)
The University of The Arts Philadelphia
California College of The Arts
Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University
The University of Washington School of the Arts