portfolio for business person interviewing at design firm

I’m interviewing for a design strategy position at a large design consulting firm (along lines of IDEO, Design Continuum, Ziba, etc). I have minimal design background having only taken a few art and graphic design classes in college, but am much stronger on the marketing and business side. I have been asked to provide a portfolio of some of the work that I have done. My professional experience has involved product development but none of the designs were my own. Does anyone have any suggestions for what the porfolio should consist of, or how I should prepare for this?

Much thanks in advance.

I think that if you have a portfolio of products you were involved with, that’s your answer. As long as you can tell the story of your role in the design and that you were part of a team, that’s a good place to start…

…thourough documentation of 3-5 projects, from preliminary design brief to a quantifiable measure of market success and your contribution to each should be about right…the conceptual design work is not the focus here but the strategy behind the project, the tactical decisions you and/or the team made throughout the process, and the successful achievements are what you want to be able to illustrate and talk to…this is pretty much how my book is structured except the product designs are mine and they my primary focus…hmmm…maybe i could…noy!..the job is probably up north somewhere.