Portfolio for Admissions?

Hi all, I’ve found Core77 very useful in gaining some insight into ID. I’m a scientist/engineer right now, but have been thinking about going back to get a BFA in ID. What I was wondering is what to do about a portfolio? My work is very limited at this point: a few metal sculptures, a lawn sculpture, a few paintings, and a few pencil/charcoal sketches…I can’t include stuff I’ve designed at work because of contractural confidentiality agreements with our contractors. I’m taking an Intro to ID course over at MassArt, which I’m hoping will help add some meat to my work. However, I don’t even know where to begin as to how to present my work. What are schools looking for in a Portfolio?


It depends on the school you are applying. Some schools want to see more foundation work like still life and painting. Some wants to see a variety. Some wants to see your ability in ID related things. Talk to the adminstrators or advisors to see what they want.

I have some knowledge, but at the graduate level. If you’d like, feel free to email me

niti at core77 dot com

I’m in the same position: I’m a seasoned IT professional looking to explore my creative side by going into ID. I have no idea where to begin as far as my portfolio goes. Would it help if I got a job as the computer guy for the design dept at an art school?

University of Cincinnati, which is arguably one of the best ID schools in the nation, does NOT require a portfolio! It is solely based on grades and scores. In fact, if you already have a degree, you don’t even need to submit SATs!