Portfolio for a job_need feedback

I am currently looking for offers like a job or an intership and I would like your comments and feedback on my portfolio. I still have another project to add, however your feedback will help me to make some changes. Now I really think maybe the graphics are too complex and could be much simple, but i need your opinions. Also, how should I transform that to a coroflot? As shyamsun said: Please view and feel free to critic. What works, what doesnt, what needs to be improved, what needs to be erased etc.


Finally, another question is not really related about: If I am done with univesity, can I do an Intership with out university agreement?

Thank you a lot!


not bad!
It is a quite extensive portfolio with a broad variety of projects.
That being said, I think you could stream line it a bit.
I am not getting “air mat” really and it seems a little bit tagged on at the end there.
Your sketching pages are nice, but personally I think that sketches are best shown in context with a project. Otherwise it’s just a bunch of shapes copied from sketch tutorials. others here might (and probably will) disagree with this though and enjoy seeing the same generic hand tool rendering over and over again.

All your digital renderings seem a little dark, grey and sad. I suspect Photoworks? You might want to take a look Keyshot/shot and re-render some of those. The buoy for example could pop a lot more.
Tempo has some ergonomic and functional challenges but the project is presented nicely.

I am on the fence towards your intro page with the “Design & Me” segment. It seems very cliche and impersonal. It doesn’t feel like you are telling me something about you but rather are throwing some buzz words around that employers like to hear.
All the things you are stating should be a given.
Creative problem solver that works well in a team and produces unseen and innovative products? well yeah, of course… but every graduate will say that about themselves.
I am not against a little intro blurb but try to incorporate something that is unique for just you, your perspective on things or why I would want to hire you over other innovative, problem solving team players.

Well and then there is the head in the toilet… it’s funny but I am not sure if it might get perceived as a bit childish and silly. Two things that are kryptonite to hiring managers.

For your other question. I am not sure I understand what you are asking.
Of course you can do an internship anytime.I don’t think the university has to agree to anything. What it comes down to is if the studio or firm wants to take you on.
Why are you asking?

Thank you Bepster.

I really like the way your are critic with my portfolio giving me all the points and why. I’ll consider your points while I am changing a bit the layout. I am completly agree about the renders, but is V-ray with 3dmax. However I used Solid Rocks to have faster renders and then that happens. I’ll put one more project, maybe I’ll remove the material one and then I’ll upload again the portfolio. Of couse I’ll keep this one here because people can help me more.

About the question. I live in Spain. One month ago I finished University and I would like to do an Intership, but here to get an intership you need an agreement between the studio, you and the university because then University pay some kind of part like your Country Insurance (“social security”, I don’t know the english name. Is the money that company pay to the goverment to have you as an employer). Till two months ago I’ve been as an Intership for a whole year in a company thanks of this agreement. Now, I would like to do another one but I do not know how works in the other countries. How should I ask for an Intership or how it works? Just because of this. Because in Spain without University you can ask for a Job, not for an Intership. Maybe I should ask in another Discussion too.

Thank you so much again.