Portfolio Feedback


I’m an Industrial Design student, and for a class I’m in this summer, I’m looking for some feedback on my portfolio.

Here is the link to my website: https://crc839.myportfolio.com/

Please let me know what you think!

Thank you!

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Hi @INDDstudent, welcome to the boards! Sorry for the slow reply, I was at a conference for 2 days.

Overall, very solid and clean presentation! Are you looking for feedback on the overall portfolio or on the projects themselves? It would help guide our feedback a little.

From an overall portfolio perspective, it is clean and easy to navigate. Not so many projects as to get lost or overwhelmed, but not too few either (that can be a problem).

a few thoughts.

Landing page: give me a reason to click around. It is maybe a little too clean. A full bleed image ahead of and after the project tiles might get me excited to investigate more. A lot of space devoted to a blank background that says hello. This could be a really exciting image behind here.

Resume: I have to enter a password for the resume? That should be the most public thing I would think.

Projects: each should start with and end with a really compelling image. The ones at the end, there are so many together… it should be great if to cap it off there was a large size image showing the final state of the project.

Additional: I think if there was 3x or 4x the amount of content here it would be stronger

About you: everything is very clean and well done but I don’t leave with an overall impression of who you are, what is important to you, what motivates you, what are your dreams and goals… it helps to have that for people to connect with.

Again, I think overall, really nice, clean, well documented projects. Add a little bit of spice and it will work a little harder for you in my opinion.

Thank you for your comments! Yes, the overall portfolio is mostly what I was wanting feedback on. I like the idea of adding the “conclusion images” on each project. It would give a feeling of “the end” so to speak.

Do you have any suggestions on what the full-bleed image on the opening page should be? Maybe a close-up render of one of the projects?

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Glad it was helpful!

I like to reverse engineer these things a little. The purpose of that image is to get people to click more. Maybe a good way to do a quick test is to mock it up a few different ways and show some people you know and see what they say would get them to go deeper?

@INDDstudent just curious, what type of design job are you looking for? Any particular niche?

I’m not too settled on any one direction yet.

I like furniture, and I can see myself going into a related realm. However, I also like the problem-solving that comes with more “use specific” products.

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Gotcha, thanks for the contexts. One thing I often recommend for people getting into design (making an assumption there since your user name has student in it) is that as you build out your portfolio more, think about the type of work you want to be doing and work backwards toward the portfolio you need/want for that. Often times benchmarking can be great. Go through Coroflot and bechance looking at portfolios of people that have the job you want and see what they show.

If you want a job in furniture, then a focused portfolio. If you want a job at a design firm in the Bay Area, a portfolio that shows the span of consumer elections from consumer to B2B for example…

Does that makes sense?