Portfolio Feedback

Just looking for some feedback on my portfolio. Thanks


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Thank you KenoLeon for your candid feedback. Could you tell me more about how I could improve the composition?

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KenoLeon nailed it - “45 pages in a painful format.” Cutting down highlights the best parts of your portfolio–and it will no longer be as tiresome.

I Agree, the format isn’t great, also it seems that the images & fonts have been compressed weirdly and pixelated.

I think… actually, you’ve got some good stuff in there. Lot’s of model - making, user research, and real testing. I just think that the layout is doing you no justice.

Less is definitely more here, there’s simply too much to look at and it makes it a strain to go through. Try and reduce the number of images you use for each project. The bike hanger project shows some good development model-making but the images are tiny!

Hope this helps