Portfolio Feedback


Im looking for an internship and I need some feedback on my portfolio. If people have any advice and can tell me what needs to be improved I would greatly appreciate it. My portfolio link is below.


Hey Kenneth,

I think I remember you from an earlier thread where you decided to move out to the Bay Area in order to secure an internship position?

From seeing your work from back then, I can definitely notice an improvement. You have a cohesive presentation with defined projects. You are also showing glimpses of good skills here. The render of the shoe isn’t bad. But there would have to be a lot more of those.
Check out Sain’s pretty awesome conceptual shoe/sneaker project here on the boards if you haven’t yet. If you decide to have a sneaker/shoe project, the level of your illustrated process would have to be up, i.e. shoes rendered in perspective for example.
I know you are attempting to show the shoe in situ in the last slide, but the ball only obstructs the view. A player wearing the shoe would be a lot more effective.

For the Art project, your “inspiration-research-prototyping” is totally overloaded and crazy confusing. Which is a shame as I think that would be one of the most interesting parts of the project. As it stands, I’d just click past.

As for glow… I don’t get it. What’s the product here?

Overall, you will need to clean up your presentation. It looks very drab and muddy at the moment.
Also I’d watch the phrasing. A lot of your text makes your products sound like an ad. This makes you seem insincere. There is a difference between hard selling the consumer a product and emphasizing the positive attributes of your project in front of a potential employer.
This also goes for “award winning” right in the beginning in you introduction. I’d scratch it and let the work speak. If you have won awards, good for you but I’d list them in the resume and mention them maybe in an interview setting.