portfolio feedback

hi everyone, i would appreciate your thoughts, comments and critiques of my coroflot portfolio, it can be accessed by clicking on the www link below my user name or the link below. a little history about me and my work, i started studying i.d. in ireland where i was born, i moved to the u.k. and did my degree and masters in i.d. there. after that, i moved to the bay area and worked in coporate i.d. for a few years while doing some freelance on the side. i got a job offer from a well known housewares company on the east coast so i took the offer and moved here to nyc. i’ve worked a few different coporate i.d. jobs here and i’ve been doing more i.d. with consultancies and freelance work lately. i have a lot more process and sketch work from consulting but i simply can’t show that in a public portfolio so i’d appreciate any suggestions and critiques you have concerning my public coroflot portfolio.


Um… you need to post your work…

Hey man, looking good overall.

  1. Nice clean layouts for the telegenesis project! The sketch pages are the weaker point of this project, they’re too dark and don’t pop off the page, I see one flat page and can’t distinguish different ideas and directions you had in there because the red overpowers the sketches.

  2. The Hair dryer sketches are decent, but not super exciting to me. They could use some pop as well, dramatic highlights, darker shadows, have a look around at other peoples digital sketches on coroflot and you’ll get the idea.

  3. Atmoshpheric Water Generator- clearly you have CAD skills, nice work on that! And very nice renders too and well thought out project. The only thing I’m missing here is the ideation phase, why did you choose what you did, what inspired you, any mock-ups or physical testing prototypes you used, you get the idea. I would like to know more about how you came to that beautiful final CAD render.

On the whole, good work! Keep practicing your sketching and keep up the CAD skills. And other than that maybe I’d like to see a little more variety in your folio other than just consumer products (what about medical, kids toys, third world applications, people with a disability, furniture, shoes, etc.)

thanks for chiming in chad, after 1100~ views, its nice to hear somebody is finally interested in critiquing my portfolio !

i agree that the telegenesis sketches are a bit muddy and need some work. i often use strong colours and backgrounds on my projects because they seem to come out much brighter when i print them, i do need to tweak them for the screen. the hairdryer project was a fast one and it’s true that they could use more pop and pizzazz, the focus on that project was more about problem solving, identification and ergonomics more than anything else, must rework ! thank you for the compliments on the cad skills, i learned a lot about cad in my masters degree and on various jobs. i do have a lot of process sketches for the atmospheric water generator but mostly personal scribbles and side notes, nothing very coherent, i will put them together and make that a bigger project (i’m actually trying to simulate the thermodynamics for that now in my engineering degree!). its true my portfolio is focused on housewares and consumer electronics, these are the areas i’m most experienced and interested in. i’m working on prototyping some lighting designs and small furniture pieces at the moment, i just don’t post them here on the coroflot forums now because nobody really responds to the posts anymore. anyway, thanks for taking the time and effort to look through my portfolio and share your thoughts.