Portfolio Feedback

Hello Everyone,

I am a recent ID graduate from Virginia Tech. I am looking for some feedback on my online portfolio. Please give me feedback on the content/presentation/or anything you find confusing. I applied to many entry-level jobs, but I am not getting much response from the employers, I think something is definitely wrong with my portfolio. Any feedback/comments would be appreciated!


Thank you!

Quick feedback, your portfolio page, seems like a standard pdf. I feel like you can get bigger images with a standard pdf, versus the slideshow thumbnail combo you have now.

Secondly, it looks like a direct copy of your coroflot portfolio?

My initial reaction is to not build it using weebly. Host the website on your own domain, this isn’t difficult to do and you should be able to figure it out.

With regards to your actual portfolio try to condense it, if you’re trying to attract potential employers they will not have the time nor the patience to view 53 slides. Perhaps create a shorter, less wordier more impactful portfolio which shows development of 3 or 4 concepts through sketches and exploration. Highlight one of your key skills, what you’re best at, don’t try to be good at everything, try being great at one thing in particular.

Best of luck.