Portfolio feedback


i’d love some feedback on my portfolio… looking for work presently and i need to know how anyone thinks it should be improved


paul genberg


There is a lot of footwear up front, am I correct in assuming you would like to go into footwear?

I like the Manilla shoe a lot. Mostly because it shows more personality than the others. It also seems to have the most resolution in terms of forms and is less conventional than your ergonomic concepts. Some really nice details on this. Esp like the little draw string, clever.

Overall you show a good variety of work. Your layouts seem to be a bit staid. I think you could work to make them more dynamic and simpler at the same time. Really design them (mine aren’t that great either and I have been working on them as well)

Personally I would nix the car. It looks very Pratt. It seems that most Pratt students have something very similar in their folio.

Overall I think you could work on your linework. and throwing a brief resume at the back would be cool.

thanks. yes i would like to go into footwear, but am finding it difficult to get “call-backs” so any specific footwear advice would be greatly appreciated.
yeah the infamous transportation project… very pratt :slight_smile: what do you mean by linework specifically?


No problem

by work on your linework I mean:

footwear is a highly visual field. Thousands of new designs are produced every year and their is a ton of talent out there looking for a shot. If I where you I would work on my sketching abilities. You linework comes across as scratchy and your shading doesn’t always follow the form. I can see in your manilla shoe renderings that you understand form and detail. apply this to your marker sketches. Try using that Pratt pencil technique with your shoes. Really work your contrast, composition, and line weights.

It sounds like a lot, but a few weeks of steady sketching, and some bench marking (check out some of the stuff in the footwear links section of the footwear forum) and you’ll be there. I did the same thing when I first got out. Basically re did my entire portfolio like 3 times, every sketch, over a few weeks.

Your solutions are pretty nice (chair, manilla shoe) just bring your process up to par. I’m also not sure what I’m looking at with the Rowentta Reed award thing. Explain it and it seems like it could be a one pager. I would nix the sphere thing, too studenty. Remember every page should be telling the story of why you should be hired. Anything that doesn’t say that, nix or redo… most employers will assume you work at the level of the worst page in your book.

That make sense?