Portfolio feedback............Thanks!!

Hey everyone, new to the boards, could I get some feedback on my portfolio!?


Nice! :smiley:

Hey thanks! Could I get some other feedback?

Hey, I just updated my portfolio with some new work could I get some suggestions or comments thanks!

Nothing to say ehh? No help feedback anything?


Thank you for the help! Good idea.

Hey, what do people think about switching up the work on the coroflot web page, eg… showing different projects every few weeks, instead of the same 5 projects.?


Nice work, in the same way the work of thousands of other design hopefuls is “nice”, i.e. well-executed and photogenic but nothing we haven’t seen already.

If you’re going to tackle any PDA today, one would expect much more thought being given to basic ergonomics and actual hand usage optimization, whether its user is leaning on a sofa, lying on a bed, riding on a bus, whatever. If you’ve ever tried to use any of these to browse the web for more than 10 minutes, you’ll know the wrist pain I’m referring to.

I suggest you emphasize the added value of your design (if there is any) over the magazine-ready pretty pictures, which are very “design-ish” for sure, but don’t necessarily demonstrate your problem-solving skills or willingness to break paradigms and challenge current product category assumptions.

Substance over skin will set you aside from the masses.

Egg, I appreciate your feedback thats just what I am looking for. You are right content over skin. Thanks for taking the time to help me out!

Excellent work Reedy! Really nice and slick renderings and the sketch page works well, I like to see inspiration on sketch sheets, photos of other things that encapsulate the mood you’re trying to create - the scary antennae aliens are cool!

Next step is to try and put some other stuff up, more varied work to show that you’re not just a one-trick pony (which I’m sure you’re not!).

But so far, good work - keep it up!


Thanks for the feedback and taking the time to look at my stuff and respond. It is probably a good idea to cycle through projects ehh?
Thanks for the help!

good content, you are showing sketch, modeling and thinking. The layouts look a little dead though, flat. Try designing the form of the layouts to lead the eye more. On view dominant with smaller views that support and further explain the key view.

Nice stuff though.

Updated my portfolio, could I get I get some feedback?



Hi, I think your portfolio is great, like your designs, sketches and rendering!

I have a question… what sofware are you using for 3D modeling and rendering?

Good Luck and keep with your great work.


Thanks alot! I am a Rhino/Flamingo guy at the moment, however, the current place I work uses Alias, so I think I will make the big switch.

Nice work! Perhaps in the “Personal Server” project, the hand (holding the “Wireless” controller) looks badly overlaid - remove the center line so the thumb is in the foreground.

Good work!

Just my oppinion, but as a casual viewer it may be a little nicer to add some titles or something to let the viewer know what it is they are looking at I think you had it on a few of them. I do like your designs though but me personally I was getting the “Looks cool now what is it?” reaction. But like I said cool work.