Portfolio Feedback please

I’m a second year student and I’m looking to get an internship this summer. I know it’s a stretch but I figure it’s never too early to start looking.
Please if anyone can give me some feedback on my work, let me know where I can improve on anything I would really appreciate it.



I think you’ll want to put together something a little more formal to send to the potential employer- If you have design projects to show that would be better than samples images.

It’s possible to have an internship in your second year, I did it, although it was only for a little over a month. It really helped me learn about the industry though. If you can’t create a more formal portfolio, I doubt you’ll be considered for a full summer internship. And if that’s not possible, you might try doing some job shadowing or an unpaid type of internship…

The hope is to get an internship, but I’d be just as happy with a job shadow or unpaid internship. I just want to get out into the field and see professional design in action.

Do you suggest I create my own portfolio rather than using an online portfolio?

I’d suggest doing as much networking as you can. Talk to your professors and the career services people about your goals (looking for internship, or any type of experience in a design department or firm). They should be able to give you some options in your area. If you have to- offer to figuratively “serve coffee and sweep floors”. In your situation just show initiative.

Personally, I don’t mind online portfolios. Having your own portfolio as opposed to Core77 gives you an opportunity to be creative and show presentation/graphic ability as well. When I mentioned making it more formal, I guess what I was saying is that the link you posted doesn’t show projects in context. I see some of your abilities, but I’d be curious to see whatever you have showing process and problem solving.

I’d echo what ryanid said. I think your work needs some context around it. Often as a sophomore your skills aren’t as developed and I think it’s important to explain your process, your design thinking/problem solving skills. Getting a summer internship is competitive. I would suggest getting quality and not necessarily quantity and putting together some more official. Talk about/show your ideation, process, mock-ups if you got them, etc.

Also just a technical note, you should clean up those scanned sketches. We made this book for our sophomores (and everyone else who is interested) and feel free to download and check it out. Best of luck.

Thanks so much for all the help!

Hey Dan,

I’d also recommend putting something more formal together. Try doing it in InDesign, that’s a good program to learn. I’d also try to focus a lot more on the process and sketching side of things. draw draw draw. and when youre not drawing, show other types of process work. Employers want to see how you think, so show them!

Thanks for the advice. I’ve worked quite a bit with InDesign, are you suggesting that I make a portfolio there? Also, if I’m making a portfolio, how large should it be. I’ve heard a lot about making two, one “teaser” portfolio, and a full portfolio. Suggestions?

Well judging by your Coroflot, you don’t have a very large body of work. I’d take that citrus juicer project and go through the whole process and what not. Show how you got to that final design, maybe some model making etc. Then you can focus on some skills. Show your form work, but maybe focus on the craft side as well as form. Show you can use your hands and build models. Then you can show your sketching/rendering skills.

My best advice would be to make some of those products small projects or redesigns. Maybe they already are (it’s hard to tell in Coroflot). For a PDF portfolio I’d say you should shoot for something between low teens and mid 20s. Don’t feel like you need to make a portfolio bigger and just add meaningless work. Be deliberate. Only show what best represents you and your skills.