Portfolio, feedback please!

Please let me know what you think of my coroflot portfolio. Any feedback will help, thanks!


you’ve got an interesting range of stuff, I like your computer and phone stuff the best. For each project it would be nice to see a little more drawing and process. For the phone you’ve got a couple pages with just text, i would remove those or add pictures to them, nobody wants to sit and read all of that info. I did really like the layout, and I think the phone is your best project in there right now. I love the concept but my only complaint about the phone is that most “gamers” swear by the use of physical buttons and your phone doesn’t use them!

the military compression shirt is cool, I liked the addition of drawings, but you need to work on your figures. Find local figure drawing sessions and go to them, learning how to properly draw people will help ALL of your drawing.