Portfolio feedback please?

Hi everybody,

I just finished up at Pratt and am getting out at, what clearly appears to be, not the best time. So, I need all of the wise feedback I can get from the valued members of this forum! Please take the time to surf on over to my site and let me know what I can do to make myself more attractive to potential employers.


Thanks a bunch!

One quick thought is that your first 2 projects are both environmental design. I would spread those out, or put them in their own category. First thing I thought was “this guy wants to do interiors and environments”

Yikes! I don’t want to give anyone that impression :wink:
Those just happen to be more recent and actual paid work, so I thought they should go up further. I will move them down.

So, you think I should set up sub-categories in the ID section? I saw you did that with your site. Like, “Product”, “Environment”, “Furniture”, etc?

Thanks for those initial impressions yo!


Thanks to yo/Mike for the first suggestion. I moved the links down the list and will probably create subcategories for them, but I need to ask for additional help from whomever is kind enough to respond before I can do that.

For once something is working on IE and not Firefox! I am doing this on a PC, so don’t have a clue if they’re working on Safari or not. I am working on the Firefox fix, but only the top-1st level of menus are working in FF on pc. So, ss anybody seeing the second and third level navigation menus and what browser are you seeing/not seeing it on?

Paramount though, is comments about the work. I need to get that first, full time, ID job out of school!


Hey there.

Some good work especially like the comic stuff shows off some really good sketching skills.

Some little points.

have re think about the links tab on the left. either space out the links or enlage the text slightly. would tighten up the page a lot and give it some consistency as big blank spaces look a mess.

Can you maybe set up a link from you big scrolling pics straight to that work would be a nice touch.

At the moment its got more of blog feel than portfolio have a look at http://www.toyfon.com for inspiration of setting up pictures etc. I don;t think that you need the unlined enlarge links this could happen from just clicking on the picture.

simply making the site look neat and getting rid of unneeded text will make it look 10times better.

Good work again


Good feedback above

Seems to be working well on safari. I don’t think you have enough work to subcategorize, mixing them in serves the purpose.

I’d like to see a bit more. For instance on the shop vac, more sketches, different approaches, quick sketches showing problem solving, more thumbnails, study models, details exploration sketches of attachments and how they interact with the hand, sketches on wheel options, color studies, product graphics…

And then just more projects show a diversity of interests.

Hey Chris, thanks for writing.

I agree about the left nav element, and I am thinking about adding some more stuff to actually make it a bit more than just a text field. I just haven’t gotten to it yet. I wanted to create a standard minimum size, but I guess it’s still too big. I need to get the extra elements in there so it isn’t so empty.

I have to check the big pics. I thought most of them did link to something, but I guess not. Thanks for pointing that out.

In the end, as you mentioned about the picture layout with links etc, it’s not quite right and a lot of that has to do with the fact that I just dumped the old image arrangement with sizes and all into the new layout. I don’t know if you noticed, but there’s a lot of whitespace on the right which is because of the new width of the site. I will redo all of the inner content for scale and try to reduce the amount of un-needed text.

Thanks for your time!

Point well taken on no need for subcategories at this point. I have a bunch more stuff to put in for shop vac and others, I’m just never sure what constitutes, enough, not enough, the right stuff, or the wrong stuff. Your sage advice points me in the right direction on those counts.

Thanks again! I truly appreciate it.