Portfolio Feedback Please (Recent Grad)


I am a recent graduate and I am in the process of putting a portfolio together. I would like feedback on my design work because I am considering redesigning some projects. So if you can, I ask for your honest opinions (constructive criticism :smiley: ). Hold nothing back.



Hi Larry, welcome to Core77. I have a large amount of feedback, so I’ll just bullet it. (some of what I’m gunna say is personal preference so just take it how you want man)

Cover page: I’m not the biggest fan. I don’t think the type you selected works well together. I realize you may have been trying to get some contrast going with the type by choosing something super futuristic and pairing it with a serif, but I don’t think it’s working. I’d try sticking to a more tried and true sans-serif. Helvetica, Gotham, Aksidenz Grotesque, Univers, and Futura are all good options. Generally, I’m not a fan of serif type in portfolios. I think it’s tough to pull off.

Resume: Having those squircles there is a visual crutch. Your grid should be strong enough to convey the page structure without having to use them. I say this because I think in general portfolios with excessive use of “graphic elements” just look more cluttered. this also contrasts with the chamfer you have going on in other places. Personally (and I’m just a student here) I wouldn’t put an about me in the folio. Let the work speak for itself. If you’re a sicknasty 3d modeler your work should show that.

Zico: Take the first page, and make it three pages. objective, what is Zico, and sketches+inspiration. Right now the page is overloaded and I end up taking a lot less away. On the next page at the bottom your name is kind of clashing with the white and blue thing happening there. I’d clean that up. On page three, i’d work a bit on the type hierarchy. Usually it helps to only change one element of the type from one style to the next. I’d leave the general text unitalicized for better legibility.

Neogenesis: I would change the case on that allcaps paragraph. It’s much more difficult to read all caps in large bunches because when we read we read shapes of words, not individual letters. making things allcaps gets rid of the ascenders and descenders that make lower case much more legible. I’d line up the green bullet points.

I think if you take some of that feedback and apply it to the rest of the 'folio that should help more. Your sketching and visualization isn’t bad. I’d want to see more of that and less text. show don’t tell, you know? I hope this was helpful, and I’d be interested in seeing future iterations!



Wow that’s acutally really good feedback. Somone told me that it looked a bit cluttered, but they barely touched on it. Thanks!