portfolio feedback needed dvgid.com

hello fellows :o)
need feedback on dvgid.com
this is framed version of the site…shell i replace it with frameless?
any comments are welcome & appreciated
thanks in advance

i’m thinking of removal of a quite weak <consumer 02> project in order to clean up space for 2d & 3d that are curently one level deeper :o/.
or maybe there are more projects worth removing?
is it worth it?


the consumer 02 toothbrush page is the best one. Don’t remove it. It is the page that shows thinking the most. Otherwise you are in danger of looking like a creativ Mechanical Engineer. I spent the most time here. You have some good thinking, but you need to work on your week spot. You know what it is.

Where do you want to be? What type of job are you looking for.

2 yo: <consumer 2> is a plastic clip & a mould for it. the rest of consumer stuff (1, 3 & 4) somehow related to mouth hygiene .o)

if i remove 02 it will look like consumerism went the wrong way :o)
ideally i want to work as an ider in medical device & diasgnostics but i feel confident enough to work in the other fields of id.
as per week spot…probably i’d better squeeze id page vertically in order to add anoter line for sketch projects that i have to work on.

great thanks :o)

my bad. I got it mixed up with consumer 01, maybe just call them by the project names. or put all of the consumer products into their own sub category.

got frameless site up @ dvgid.com

now it can be viewed in lynx :o)

hello guys.
dvgid.com site shortened almost threefold.
the original draft still can be seen @ dvg2k.com
please comment on short version ( dvgid.com )

shell i chop off section? it looks a bit incomplete :o/

thanks in advance

I actually like the sketches.
Granted, there’s not a LOT of material there, but what you’ve posted is quite nice.
My FAVORITE pieces are the 3d projects.
I have very little skill with 3-dimensional work, so my praise isn’t necessarily worth all that much but I LOVE yer 3d stuff!

thanks pubcrawl69.
all of that 3d staff was generated whilst studying in the university.
i’d recommend alias studio because it can do almost any shape you can imagine and has pretty good rendering capabilities (especially in latest release). good luck


Excellent all-round presentation. Innovation conceptualization too; I believe I just saw “your” fingerbrush on the television last night.

I noticed that your academic background goes back to 1980 … that’s an inspiration in its own right.



thanks Lmo.

to pubcrawl69
check aliaswavefront.com - studiotools 12 LE is free to download.