I am a third year Industrial Design student from Australia currently studying at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. I am currently looking for internships and would greatly appreciate some feedback on the work that I have posted on my website. Please let me know if you have any suggestions particularly if you have experience judging folios for internships.

Thank you in advance

Hey Victor,

I think overall the work is decent. What I’d like to see for your group project is what you specifically worked on.

Let’s talk about the make espresso machine first.

  1. Too many inspiration images. Cut it down to about half.

  2. The most iconic part about this design is the wooden cut along the side. Unfortunately, I don’t understand how you came up with this wave shape. I also don’t think it relates to the rest of the design which is very geometric and ordered. I would just take it away completely, or at least change it to relate to the rest of the design. Maybe reference some of your inspiration images to look at some interesting shapes. I also don’t see why it needs to be wood. It would be great if this wooden side panel had some sort of functional use.

  3. My main concern would be whether this design has any sort of functional benefit. Upon skimming your folio, I don’t see one. Either figure out a functional benefit that it could have, or if it already has one that I didn’t notice, figure out a way to make it more apparent.

As a styling exercise it’s a good piece of design (minus the wood side panel)

For the anaphylaxis monitor:

  1. Work on the graphic design and layout a little bit. Things like text size and colors. The most glaring thing that would instantly improve things would be to change that super bright yellowish-orange background to something more readable. Maybe a more muted pastel.

  2. Once again there’s this weird wavy shape along the tip of the monitor. I don’t fully understand why it’s there. It doesn’t seem to have any functional purpose and it doesn’t seem to relate to anything.

  3. I don’t 100% understand how it works. Is there a little needle on the band somewhere that administers the adrenaline? Show us how that works specifically. How does it detect when the child is in shock? Where is the monitor for that? Make it more clear. Prove to me that this is feasible and that it won’t cost like $1000 to make this thing.

Hey Victor,

This is a great start at a portfolio. Be proud!

I would summarize most of the changes I would make to your portfolio in one word: SIMPLIFY. I would take down sketches you don’t want a professional to see and run through some of the “process” sketches with some illustrator line work. In doing this your overall portfolio will be cleaner, easier to read, easier on the eyes and ultimately a higher level.

Best of luck!

Hey Vic,

Good to see you sharing your work here for feedback!

I had a quick scan of the projects I expected as part of your portfolio. I would suggest you think about what you would like to say with each project or piece of work you show, ensure that they address certain skills or knowledge, eg for the Make espresso project, you might want to show sketches, CAD skills, design thinking. And vice versa for other projects.

Specifically, in the current Make espresso project I would have like to have seen more different concept explorations in your sketching, and right now it’s difficult to find the important stuff quickly. Any employer is only going to spend less than 1min to skim your portfolio, and stop to look at interesting things longer. The Video/pretty renderings looks ok, but you could show more of your thinking. Here’s some questions to ask: where did your shapes come from, why did you choose these shapes, why do you think it’s suitable for the espresso machine. Who is the intended user?

Anaphylaxis monitor - I would also have a think about the above questions for is project, what skills do you want to present to the viewer?

As a note, definitely have a look at the portfolios previous designers have shared for crit.

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