Portfolio feedback for Junior Industrial Designer wanted.

I’m getting my portfolio together for junior/internship positions.

Would appreciate feedback if you can. Thanks.

Any feedback please.

Joe, are you focused on light two wheel transportation? Right now your portfolio essentially gears you for a position with a scooter company…

Yo, thanks for your question.

I’m interested in all areas of industrial design and more work will be added over the next week or so that shows more diversity. However, Powered two wheelers and designing them is a passion of mine and that’s probably why they take up a lot of the portfolio. I’d love to work in motorcycle/scooter design but I would also be equally happy working in an industrial design studio doing diverse and varied design work.

Do you have any suggestions?

I thought your bike sketches were really nice!

Joe, definitely get more projects up then. Right now I’d say your portfolio is to narrowly focused.

@Wallflower: Cheers.

@Yo: Thanks for the advice. I’ll get my other projects up soon.