Portfolio etiquette for design managers

As a design manager, what can I include in my portfolio or on my website from my design team? How do I need to credit the team’s efforts?

I’m just starting out as a professional designer, but I’d think the best way to go about this it to present the finished product while showing a descriptive analysis of the insights you provided that led to the products resolution.
From a physical product stand point this would be something like.

  • Showing the final product along with a quick description of it,
  • Showing sketches you may have done
  • Showing process work your team did (with credits) along with input you provided to drive the process.
  • Maybe a charted analysis of the types of tasks you managed and what your work process is like.

I hope this helps.

Just like anything else, you have to visually show the story and point out your contribution to it.

i know you might be thinking, but here, I didn’t actually do the design, I was the design manager. What did you do? focus your story there. And just think, even as a star industrial designer, you are showing the work of the engineers, the input from marketing, and the ideas from your design manager. Those things are understood. As a design manager I wouldn’t expect that you did the CAD, or maybe not even the original idea. But I would expect that you guided, shepherded, set up the sandbox for the solution to be found in…