Portfolio Dimensions

Hello Everyone,
What should be the size or dimension of the portfolio?, that will look nice and clear. Also what medium is best to send in your protfolio, eg powerpoint,etc

  1. What is this for? School or a job?
  2. Any dimension can look nice and clear… It’s your presentation/composition/layout that makes or breaks it.
  3. Ha ha ha Powerpoint. Ha ha ha. Again, it depends on if it’s for a school or a job. Schools usually have guidelines for submission (I’d ask). Jobs: PDF.

Everytime I am sent powerpoint that I’d like to look at/file for some reason, I always open it in Keynote, save as… PDF. Boom!

don’t send powerpoint

This has come up before, you could search, but the short answer is that even though it is a digital format, it will be printed at some point. Make sure your work is legible if it is scaled to letter size. Be consistant, be conscientious and don’t be different for different sake.

PDF. Screen res. Landscape letter format.

Your actual portfolio dimensions shouldn’t be “huge”. Something around 11x17 or smaller should be fine.

Send PDF’s for sample work, etc. Also, include a URL to your online portfolio so they can review more items if they wish to do so.