Portfolio day was yesterday. Here was my review

Yesterday was the national portfolio day in Hartford CT. My portfolio is less than half complete, so I was not expecting much. I only had 6 drawings or so. Some of my drawings can be found here: http://www.davidbuchanan.us/app/pictorial/Design photography can be found here: http://www.davidbuchanan.us/app/pictorial/Artistic and a mix of everything, and some more can be found here: http://www.sangoma.deviantart.com I posted this because I thought some of the reviewers ideas might help out a little.
It took me about five hours for 4 schools to see me.
I went to RISD early. They fell in love with my photography. They said they wanted less blending, more sketchiness. They also wanted more original and creative objects.
Next was Rochester institute. They liked me, and said they would accept me, so I’m happy. I was a little surprised about that one…
Then I went to Syracuse. They loved my drawings and photography. The lady reviewing just said I needed more observational pieces, and I would be one of their top competitors.
Last was Pratt. They wanted more contrast in my drawings and paintings. They gave me some tips too, which were nice.

After going it seems each school want’s something different. RISD wants originality, Syracuse wants observational, Pratt want’s more contrast, and RIT just wants me. :slight_smile:
Look’s like I’m going to be making three different portfolios… Luckily, I’m a transfer student, so all the deadlines are in March and April. I’m so glad I went! Now I know exactly what each school wants.

Congratulations on the review. It is always great to get input. I don’t think they are asking for 3 different things at all:

Just make some new pieces that have original perspectives and technique, of observational subjects, with more contrast.

No it’s not that they all want different thing, but just happened to comment on different aspects for improvement. I’m sure given the brief review they all really couldn’t get too in depth about everything…

All things mentioned are important and consider it in a way that you should work on all of them on all of your pieces. Congrats on the good review and best of luck in ID!

Yo, is right- work on new stuff that considers all aspects and you will on your way to improving. Kudos to you for doing such a review… too many students often don’t like to put themselves out there for criticism.


The lady from RISD wanted to see me draw things that haven’t been created yet. She wanted to see cars and things from the future. She wanted things that can not be built today because of today’s technological limitations. I’m definitely going to have to make some different things for RISD, but I guess the other schools wanted the same things.