Portfolio Critiques, Comments, Words of Wisdom

Hello All,

I have been viewing Core 77 discussions for a few days. Comments seem well thought out and helpful. I am hoping I could get the same for my work on Coroflot.com. Any insight would be helpful.

Link—ïƒ http://www.coroflot.com/Jason_Meek


nice website…

You look to have great fundamental skills when it comes to sketch but I will have to say that a lot of them are very hard to understand. You have a theme of using large arrows, which in some cases is good, but too many can cause the sketch to be confusing and hard to read.

I like the sketches from the kids furniture a lot. I think there are some very fun and creative ideas in there. The part I did not get was how the other two pages related to that. Using an elephant for the bath faucet is really cool.

From what I have seen your skills look pretty good but I can’t say too much because there really isn’t much for us to look at. Put up some more so we can give you a better critique.

I agreed with Jcoble. J, maybe you should add a research page to show the purpose of each project.

I finally updated my portfolio. Could you guys give some critique? www.coroflot.com/paulsukphisit Thank you so much in advance.

Portfolio looks great, but you might want to put in a different post so you don’t jack this one.