portfolio critique

Hello everyone,

I’m hoping to get some feedback on my portfolio.

Long story short, I’m looking to make my way out of corporate and hopefully to a studio or at least a more interesting company.

Don’t feel the need to pull any punches on the critique. I’m looking to improve so all the feedback I can get is absolutely appreciated

Here’s the link

Hi Billy, welcome to the forums!

A few thoughts.

1 - Resume/CV. Good to give people a bit of context of who you are, where you have been. Seems obvious, but even on here it would help people give better feedback.

2 - Spritzer project. Nice, memorable, clean logical design. Well presented. I think the opening image isn’t really working hard enough for you. I’d start with an artsy glamour shot of the final design.

3 - Track Special. I’d have the tumbnail image be of one of those CAD renders of the frame. I almost didn’t click on it because I though “ok, he likes to refurb old bikes”… thankfully I did and realized it was an entire design project. I’d kill the references to it being a school project. That is not relevant from my perspective. does anyone else feel differently?

4 - Patagonia chair. Doesn’t seem to have the same level of finesse as some of your other work. It feels a bit studenty and the final photography clipped out and placed on the blank background isn’t working. I think this is salvageable with a few days refining the design and building a CAD model based on what I see in your other projects.

5 - Epi Go. VERY nice. The lead image could be better. I love the EDC feel of it, but I think that is better for deeper into the project. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for initially.

6 - design challenge stuff. Good practice but I don’t think it is portfolio worthy.

7 - same with graphic design projects, I clicked to see 2 just ok things.

I hope this helps a bit. Feel free to ask questions if any of this didn’t make sense or you have a different POV that I missed.

Hi Michael,
Thanks so much for the thorough feedback.

I agree with your points on things I need to change in my portfolio, especially on the Patagonia chair. I really do want to salvage that project because I like showcasing the fact that I can build what I’m designing. I feel like that’s probably a good selling point of my portfolio since it seems like a lot of portfolios tend to be only conceptual. I don’t know how much weight that carries in the real world but that’s always something that professors would drill into us.

The weak points on my earlier portfolios have been my sketching and user research so I’m glad that wasn’t a glaring issue to you.

I took out the design challenge stuff and graphic design projects. They were mostly to show that I’m still working on projects outside of work but I agree that they don’t add a whole lot to my portfolio.

Do you think that social media like Instagram is useful to link to in a portfolio? From a professional standpoint It’s mostly to show that I’m working on side projects and working to improve my sketching when I’m not at work.

Thanks so much,

Agree with yo about the bike frame, that photo is doing more harm than good.

How did you model/render the tig welding and brazing? It looks good

Check out some of the keyshot tutorials by Esben Oxholm. He has one on rendering welds.

Good question. I’ve never really seen it done before. It would depend how you did it. You could just have a bunch of sketches, but they would have to be a little more contrasty than what you have there. I don’t need to see the challenge prompts. That just fills up air. You could even just make a thumbnail page and grid it out. Add some text that speaks to the fact that you are always trying to improve, that kind of thing. That could work well.

RE Building stuff. I’d start with the last picture then on the real background. I think the digital background is throwing me.

I’m planning on just re-shooting the pictures for the Patagonia chair. I still have the actual chair, I just need to find an interesting setting to take some pictures in.

I used a digital background since my apt isn’t really that interesting to showcase furniture so it’s just a stopgap for the time being.