Portfolio Critique

Hi there,

I am a graduate in BSc (Hons) Product Design & Innovation from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

I’ve just recently left my Master’s early and I posted about my current situation over on the Employment board.

Looking for some critiques on my portfolio as it stands at the minute. I send this out to employers as a PDF but I’ve uploaded it to Behance.


Thanks in advance for any input.

Hi James,
I posted a little bit of feedback on the other thread.
Overall your portfolio is decent, just about on the level where it can get you a junior position or internship if you have a good story.
You can improve on your visualization skills, your sketches and most renderings aren’t great.
Your photography is wonderful, though that is a separate portfolio, you can keep doing that freelance. Can I ask what camera you are using?
If I were you I would focus as much energy as you can on creating your own product idea that fits you as a person and designer, and makes sense to put on the market from various viewpoints; business, marketing, design, technology, socio-cultural trends, and consumer needs. Then with professional-level visualizations it will give your portfolio the edge to make it stand out.

Thanks again for your input Ralph, I really appreciate you taking the time. I’m with you on the visualisation front. And thanks, I use a Nikon D3100. And you’re definitely right about chasing my own product idea.