Portfolio Critique: Look'N for Suggestions, Opinions, Advice

Hi, Im an ambitious designer who is always pushing himself to learn and practice new skills and techniques. I would love some fresh eyes to take a look at some of the works I’ve completed over the past couple of years. More importantly I’d really appreciate constructive criticism, suggestions on skills I should practice, areas I should learn more about, or any general advice. Thanks y’all


Hi Brian,

It looks like you have some interesting stuff.
What you are showing however, I don’t think one could call a portfolio.

It is missing a lot of process material, story telling and what your context/thinking was when you completed these projects.
The images you do show are often too small and I wish I got to see some more detail.

The fact that the projects look really well done makes me wish even more you would tell some of the background.

Thanks thats really sound advice. For some reason I didn’t think to upload any process work. I will have to dig through my computer to find some. Once again great advice that I will take to heart. Thank you sir.